Technology has penetrated so much into our personal life that has to some extent replaced the talks and contact appointments.

The frightening spread and popularity of social networks undoubtedly facilitates new acquaintances, so experts are struggling to find out which are the most effective 'strategies' for online flirting.

A study in the UK shows that the vocabulary that users use to describe themselves in their online profiles has a significant impact on the opposite sex and can thus attract a future mate.

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford analyzed 12,000 profiles and concluded to a list with the 10 most relevant keywords for both male and female sex.

For example, women who describe themselves as 'ambitious' or 'compassionate' tend to attract more attention to men, while men who describe theirselves as 'trained' or 'optimistic' have the greatest impact on the female sex.

See the complete list of keywords and the corresponding 'success rates' that they attach to an online profile.

For female profile:

Sweet +46%

Ambitious +39%

Compassionate / Polite +30%

Spontaneous +30%

Athletic +22%

Funny +21%

Extreme +19%

Optimistic +17%

Hard Working +17%

Passionate +16%

For the male profile:

Athletic +69%

Ambitious +64%

Insightful +63%

Passionate +53%

Optimistic +44%

Funny +38%

Spontaneous +33%

Compationagte / Polite +21%

Loving +17%

Extrovert +17%

The poll results also revealed that women are more likely to pay attention to an interesting description than a stunning photo, while men remain largely 'biased' in appearance, giving priority to charming presence.